Fairgrounds Festival


  • DA Writing
  • Event Management Plans
  • Financial Management
  • Stakeholder Liaison & Planning
  • Site Layout & Plans


  • Art Direction
  • Production Design
  • Spatial Design, Interiors & Styling
  • Fabrication & Construction


  • Event Management
  • Site Management
  • Production Management
  • Contractor Engagement

A carnival of music and discovery just a little south of Sydney.

Music, camping, swimming, artisanal food wine and beer, markets, children's activities, even a record fair - a relaxed, comfortable and entertaining weekend in Berry on the NSW South Coast. For lovers of the good life.

AoE scouted the location, wrote the DA and produced the first Fairgrounds in 2015 for our friends at Inertia and Handsome Tours, and continue to run the festival's event, site, production and design.